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These weaver ants (or red or soldier ants) are busy ants! They like the nectar that the cashew trees are secreting in the flowering stage. The ants act towards other insects (and their eggs), considering them as invader or just as an additional meal. In this way, the ants do not feed themselves with the developing cashew fruits, but are protecting them agressively from the devastating mouths of these invaders. In this way the red ants have a positive impact on the cashew nuts yields and nut quality.

End of 2021, Away4Africa has achieved a decade of agribusiness development with many partners in Africa on agribusiness. Experiences in the cashew sector felt as the active red ants: busy and protecting emerging cooperatives and processors.

Have a look at Away4Africa’s solutions and works to have a glimpse on achievements and ongoing projects. Away4Africa’s soldiers know how to collaborate!

Investing in cashew production and processing


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Look at our works

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Away4Africa has the vision that quality services are needed for African socio economic development. The mission of Away4Africa is to invest in African companies and organisations by improving the quality of services and products, through sharing of knowledge, risks and profits.
Away4Africa is a company based in the Netherlands, but has its end-users in Africa. We invest with knowledge and capital in entrepreneurs, who are active in the development of quality products and services. Away4Africa offers integrated solutions to emerging African processing facilities in maintenance, supply chain management, production analytics and HRM. Solutions are tailor made, a combination of software, advise and training.

Away4Africa has its own experience mainly in West-Africa (Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo), but also in Uganda in cashew processing and procurement. Specific expertise is on technical engineering, data collection and analysis, value chain analysis and energy, customised in an African context.


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